I love this piece.


Nothing here to keep you warm

Bravely entering the Woods well after dark

Chill deep down to the bone surrounds

So many trees in the Woods that the Moon’s light bearly gives a glow to the path to follow

Thick in the Woods feel the change in the Air…

Meeting at the Crossroads the movement of the Earth begins beneath your feet

Shades of the Dead begin to emerge from the Shadows

As the sweet smell of mourning fills the Air

Those who once lived bond with the Energy of the Land itself

Swimming in the Tides of Magick

As mayham teaches a lesson to the curious seeker

Yes…it is December

But the Winter Woods is still filled with delicious edgy darkness wrapped in the Winter cold

The walk through is not for the

Faint of Heart


Weak of Mind

But rather those who surrender themselves to the Art…

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