A Place I Have Never Been

I don’t know how we arrived here.
We traveled in our dreams.
Far across the ocean, somewhere near the Andes.
My husband held my hand and our mouthes moved in gentle motion.
We discussed the pastel threads that bound us together.
Our friendship, our love are destiny unfolds.
My seer for a husband, his mystery untold.
“Should we stay a little longer”?
His eyes crystal clear at sunset,
“Yes” I would say and “Yes” I would say again as our bodies became one.
We slept with the sun never going down.
A landscape of copper beauty and desert gold.
A dream of being captured, inside my husband’s arms.
It is here where we came to live and die.
A kaleidoscope of depth.
A song of distant melodies, sung by a heartfelt divine.
My husband climbed further, to reach for what was his.
On top of utopia, upon the mighty Andes.

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