Modern Love


Modern love is cat and mouse,

Tickle sweets and drowning words

Hands bind with lofty promises


The quiet of the earth in the morning

It collapses with a final sigh

Winds, come my way and gather strength

Whirling and pelting



Soul Vine

At night, the stairs of this old house creaks

Whispering to me, sweet spirit sleeping soundly during the night.

The shadow movements, the fluid dance of a candles flame

Dances in our room like the Northern Lights


I take your hand, wrapping my legs around yours,

It is what night time soul vines do,

Coiling around the warmth, finding the placement of the sun.


Should I be praying? Your hand on my back, face to face.

Should we soar a little higher? During our dreams and back to reality

Passing the sands of time and endless oceans

I repeat to myself.

I don’t want to wake, I don’t want to wake.



You stayed by my side

Keep moving past the blue, the green, and the intricate structure of the doorway

You stopped moving,

Keep swimming through the congestion, the open highway

Someday we will arrive


You left for a brief period

Cloudy mystics whispered chants to bind you to the dark

You appeared more delicate and possessed

I only wanted to kiss your lips and tell you “I’m here”.


I didn’t see a passage through the mirror

I wanted it to be a fairytale, where I could sleep on a feather bed

To awake within my mind, the soft hues of lavender and your gentle breathing


Candy Trees

What can I bring?

To this world of candy trees

Those moss filled vines tickling me up through my spine.

Is it the open sky?

The voices in the field?

Black rituals make the gathering tremble when the women begin to fly.

Say it doesn’t matter to make you weep near the highway.

Like Lead Belly said, “In the pines, in the pines, where the sun don’t ever shine”

We can hold each other till sunrise.


In many days,

Reflections, cold.

I don’t see the shadows, the tinge of orange

Bright sunlight


I have slept in fields,

Departed and interwoven, this spiders web

I see mask and smiles

Too deep to know, the higher knowledge


In lace and petticoats, ribbed bones to my skin

The clocks tick, silently.

Remember, kindness

In a whisper the dawn might disappear




In the deep caverns of black and white

Poor boy disappears into a man

Today and tonight, he will wrap himself with buildings and sky

He thinks of liberty and falling skies.


Down by the river that is turning purple

The silent girl, turns around and around

She gathers all before womanhood.


We don’t hear the steps behind us

Following in the night and skipping in the morning

Before the sparrow sings its song.